Food processing laboratory is expanding its expertise in bread-making

26 February 2018

For many years, the processing laboratory has been conducting bread-making studies in the framework of residue studies. In order to...

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Sugar extraction from sugar beet

13 November 2017

The sugar beet harvest began in the North of France and the processing laboratory carry out residues studies on the...

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Reserve your potato crop trials

27 February 2017

STAPHYT offers a wide range of field trials to evaluate, develop and promote your conventional and biological products on potato...

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Wine process: What is the right number of trial(s) requested by authorities for registration?

15 June 2016

Here is an extract of the Guideline OEPP 1/268: Study of unintentional effects of plant protection products on fermentation processes...

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Processing: wine-making is our historical expertise

09 April 2013

2012 Processing season went off smoothly in particular for the wine-making studies according to 143 « CEB » method which...

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