GEP agreement for Staphyt Greece

27 July 2018

Staphyt trial station located in Thermi - Thessaloniki - succeeded the GEP inspection performed by the Ministry of Rural Development...

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Unrivalled field experimental capabilities in the Mediterranean climate zone

10 April 2018

Thanks to a network of 15 experimental stations in Southern France, Spain, Italy, Greece and more recently Morocco, Staphyt is able to test...

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Renewal of the United Kingdom GEP certificate

07 February 2018

We are pleased to announce that the Staphyt UK team have successfully renewed their GEP certificate from January 1st 2018....

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Plant nutrition: test your fertilizers and biostimulants

23 December 2017

Staphyt assists you in the development and marketing of fertilizers (minerals, organics,…) and biostimulants. Laboratory tests, protocol development, field trials...

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New GEP Agreement in Bulgaria

01 September 2017

Staphyt Bulgaria achieved its GEP recognition in September 2017. This certificate is valid for 10 years. Staphyt is established in...

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