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To achieve our goal of excellence and be an innovative competitor in our markets,  we are constantly striving to improve the services we offer to our customers.  By listening to their requirements and technological advances, we can develop tools and services adapted to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

The culture of innovation within Staphyt promotes the continuous improvement of our employees’ working comfort, performance,  productivity and responsiveness.



Each year Staphyt invests 10% of its turn-over to maintain a high level of performance in all services. Our experts are involved in national and international working groups and so actively take part to both methodology and regulation reflection and evolution.

In partnership with public and academic institutes, we innovate in setting up new evaluation methods for plant protection and nutrition products.


La parole à nos experts : Anne Lebaudy coordinatrice des activités de R&D au laboratoire de Martillac (France)
11 juin 2020

Docteur en Physiologie végétale (Biologie intégrative des canaux potassiques de la cellule de garde: activité…

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