Precision experimentation: New tools for our business

In collaboration with start-ups and equipment partners, Staphyt is equipping itself with new tools applied to field experimentation. These new technologies allow us to improve the quality of our services, our performance and to assist our teams in the field.
Here are some of the latest tools used or under development:

  • DST and weather stations for optimized trial management

With more than 30 weather stations located on our sites and connected to the Decision Support Tools, our technicians follow in real time the evolution of diseases and crops and manage their trials (decision support for the treatment of mildew in grapes, apple scab, monitoring of water stress, etc.). 

These new tools represent some valuable help in particular in bioproducts evaluation trials, and allow us for example to program applications according to the risk of infection in order to have the best efficiency thanks to a treatment carried out at the optimal time.

  • Mapping tools for homogeneous plot selection

The success of trials depends on an optimal choice of plots. Soil type, organic matter content, pH and topography are the main factors of intra-plot heterogeneity.
We have recently adopted a digital tool (currently being deployed) that will enable our teams to optimize the choice of trial locations in the most homogeneous areas possible.

  • Mapping tools to estimate yields

Currently being tested by our teams, the use of farmers’ combine yield maps could be a source of useful information. Using yield estimates by grain flow analysis from equipment manufacturers could provide us with additional information on intra-plot “long strip” variations and provide additional information to conventional weighing.

  • Aerial imagery for the observation and notation of plots

We work with specialized dronist partners, thus allowing us to offer a qualitative solution of digital measurements in all European countries. Whether it is to follow the evaluation of the chlorophyll process (NDVI), flowering, maturity, weed counting or other… We are able to offer this additional service in routine on all the trials carried out. 

This type of scoring cannot be adapted to GEP protocols governed by official guidelines for the moment but the objective is to anticipate future developments.  Drone imagery is currently used for a more detailed understanding of the evolution of vegetation in the context of R&D or marketing trials.

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