PDS & Staphyt : Our expertise confirmed with a new article

From 2015 to 2019, Staphyt collaborated with INRAE and AgroParisTech in the supervision of Camille Verly’s thesis entitled: “The impact of nitrate fertilization and plant developmental stage on the efficacy of plant defense stimulators (PDS ) ”. This thesis, supervised by Dr. M.E. Saint Macary and Dr. F.Giraud at Staphyt and by Pr. A. Dellagi and Pr. L. Rajjou at INRA/AgroParisTech, was successfully defended by Camille on June 26th, 2019. He consequently graduated as a Doctor in Science from Paris Saclay university. Since then, Camille joined Staphyt’s R&D team in Martillac (BU Laboratory & Glasshouse, France) as an expert in PDS and molecular biologist.

The results obtained during this research were used in various publications and posters presented during international conventions. (C. Verly et al. 2017a, C. Verly et al. 2017b, C.Verly et al. 2018, C. Verly et al. 2019). Our expertise in the PDS area was once again recognized by the scientific community with the publication of the results obtained in this research in the well-known journal: Frontiers in Plant Science (C. Verly et al. 2020). This research also demonstrated how important it is to take into account the level of nitrate fertilization and the plant’s development stage in order to optimize the use of PDS.

His research also enabled the development of the GUSTAVE laboratory test that has been marketed by the Martillac laboratory since 2015. This test is based on the use of model plant lines, markers of the two main pathways of plant defense (involving salicylic acid or jasmonic acid). It allows the screening of potentially PDS products and to determine which hormonal defense pathway is being activated. This test also allows the optimization of field trial protocols as part of a potentially PDS product evaluation process (M.E. Saint-Macary et al. 2017). GUSTAVE has been the subject of numerous communications and posters presented at various international conventions (C. Verly et al. 2015, M.E. Saint-Macary et al. 2016). Our test’s principle was published in the September-October 2015 edition of International Pest Control after a communication made at the ABIM conference. (F. Giraud et al. 2015). The efficacy of this test to show a product’s PDS effect and its importance in the context of the evaluation/registration of PDS have also been presented and validated by public institutions (M. Tragin et al. 2020).

If you want to benefit from our team’s expertise in PDS, Dr. Giraud and Dr. Verly are available to discuss your projects and propose the tests best adapted to your needs. 


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