Take advantage of the fall for your biostimulant trials under controlled conditions!

Staphyt’s Laboratory & Glasshouse department is equipped with laboratories, growing chambers, greenhouses and tunnels capable of accommodating your tests under both controlled and semi-controlled conditions.

If you want to test the efficacy of your fertilizer and biostimulant products for research and development projects or as part of regulatory dossier, we can work on issues such as:

  • Nutrient bioavailability, and in particular on phosphorus,
  • Tests in abiotic stress conditions: water stress with the possibility of applying different watering regimes; thermal stress in climatic chambers that can drop to negative temperatures,
  • Seed treatment (whether carried out internally or with a partner laboratory) and verification of the germination rate as well as of the impact on the early stages of growth,
  • Physical and biological compatibility tests for your product formulations or for combined use with other agricultural inputs (adjuvant, plant protection product).
  • Measurements and quantifications of the level of expression of genes of interest (resistance to abiotic stresses, absorption / transportation / nutrient metabolism) after identifying molecular markers.
  • Root architecture measurements and scans are also available.

The test programs adapt to your needs because we carry out the experimental protocols based on our experience of more than 10 years.

Don’t hesitate and reach out to us for any of your requests ! contact@staphyt.com