Straight from our experts: Herbicide testing in controlled conditions

Mike Turner
Project manager at Staphyt UK

With over 30 years’ experience of field and glasshouse trials, Mike graduated in Environmental Science from Plymouth University. He has long experience in managing field and controlled conditions trials in crop protection.
He joined Staffordshire County Council, employed as field technician, then Oxford Plant Sciences in 1983 as field trials officer, was responsible for setting up the glasshouse testing facility in 1988. He’s now Project manager for Staphyt following the merger in 2010.

Herbicide testing in controlled conditions

“Staphyt UK regularly carry out glasshouse herbicide testing at our site at Bucknell.
We carry out many types of laboratory and glasshouse tests, ranging from preliminary screening of a large number of coded compounds on small plug grown plants when there is limited product availability, through to trials on larger pot grown crops and weeds.

    Examples include:

  • efficacy testing of new compounds,
  • extension of uses of existing compounds,
  • crop safety and dose range testing,
  • pellet integrity testing under different rainfall regimes,
  • herbicide resistance testing,
  • volatility testing with susceptible plants.

These trials are carried out by dedicated technicians and have enabled clients to develop and test products at any time of year in our heated glasshouses, leading to more focussed field trials.

We have recently expanded our facilities at Bucknell, and have taken delivery of a climate controlled growing room which will give more consistent plant growth.”

The UK team and laboratory capacity are part of the global Staphyt laboratory and glasshouse services.
Please contact us for any information on controlled conditions studies across Europe.