Adapting to climate change

Climate change is a term we hear and read about every day.

Our business is heavily weather-dependent and the impacts of climate change are significant in our daily work. We have to adapt our practices to maintain our high quality levels in our trials.

To run our trials in the best locations, we are taking several actions :

  • Irrigation of platforms:

We are investing for renewal and new irrigation systems with over 50 K€ in 2020. In Europe, more than 100 platforms are equipped with irrigation systems (sprinkler, drip, misting or rain gun). We have the possibility of artificial inoculation, with misting for persistent diseases. Platform offers different varieties and cultivars, with different levels of resistance to certain bio-agressors.

  • Site selection:

Our technicians are searching widely and spending more time selecting reliable trial sites as well as running trials in all types of production areas.