Increase of controlled conditions capacities

Semi-field, climatic chamber and greenhouse trials can be conducted in our own facilities in several places: France, Italy, United Kingdom, Poland, Spain and Australia. Recently, new climate chambers have been bought to strengthen our capacity for trials in UK.

Example studies we can perform:

  • Drip & foliar fertilisation trials
  • Biopesticides and biostimulants studies
  • Seed borne tests 
  • Efficacy studies for pests and diseases, with the possibility of using inoculum and increasing the pressure by misting, such as:
    • Downy mildew / powdery mildew / mite on cucumber
    • Downy mildew / Botrytis on tomato
    • Nematodes on cucurbit and solanaceae
    • Botrytis on ornamentals
    • White fly/ Tuta absoluta / Trips on cucurbit and solanaceae
  • Fertilisation studies by controlled drip irrigation system
  • Varietal studies to test new crop varieties in different crop growing systems (floating, hydroponic..)
  • Resistance tests ( saline stress, and light stress ….)