Nitrogen fertilization: a determining factor for efficiency of plant defense elicitors?

On the occasion of the “Natural Product and Biocontrol” congress held in Perpignan from 25 to 28 September, Staphyt presented the results of the research of its PhD student, Camille Verly on the role of nitrogen nutrition on plant defenses.

In the context of crop protection, the development of elicitors is a promising strategy to reduce the use of conventional products. However, the effectiveness of elicitors in the field remains uncertain and depends on different agronomic parameters, such as the cultivated variety, the agricultural practices and the climate conditions of production. Among these factors, nitrogen (N) nutrition has been shown to play an important role in establishing defenses after infection by a pathogen. What about the impact of N fertilization on the efficiency of elicitors ? Should this parameter be included in the strategy for using and optimizing the effectiveness of these elicitors ?

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