Plant nutrition: test your fertilizers and biostimulants

Staphyt assists you in the development and marketing of fertilizers (minerals, organics,…) and biostimulants.

Laboratory tests, protocol development, field trials and the composition of your marketing files, our agronomists and regulatory consultants are there to help you.

Complementarity of studies at different levels and the cross-functionality of Staphyt teams guarantee you a good efficiency with time saving and optimized financial cost.

A new complete and universal offer to discover!

Controlled conditions studies

Controlled condition studiesYour products can be evaluated under controlled conditions, in support of research programs or as part of your preparations to put your product on the market.

Our laboratory is at your disposal for preliminary work which may be necessary in order to establish precise field protocols adapted to suit your individual requirements.

Over 10 plants models are available: vine, tomato, lettuce, radish, wheat, rape, maize, sunflower, rye-grass, cucumber, soya, bean.

Some examples of tests at your disposal:

  • Screening tests in petri dish or tube
  • Potential effectiveness test in pot
  • Root development analyzes
  • Screening test of microorganisms on the bioavailability Phosphorus (Rye grass)
  • Determination of resistance to abiotic stress (hydric)

Test tubeNew studies available soon, will test the safety and effectiveness of your fertilizers and biostimulants:

  • Root growth test (NF EN ISO 11269-1)
  • Test for the emergence and growth of higher plants (NF EN ISO 11269-2)
  • Glomus germination test (XP ISO 10832)
  • Nitrifying activity test (NF EN ISO 14238)
  • Root mycorrhization test Glomus (FD X 31-205-2)

Field trials: A selection of sites, a team of agronomists, carefully adapted equipment

Experimental devices
Field trials are arranged in micro or large plots depending on your objectives. Shared platforms are also available to reduce your trial costs.

Specialized equipment for the application of liquid and solid fertilizers.

We adapt our seed drills to allow for the 2 types of positioning of the solid fertilizer:
– in the seed line
– next to seed strip
Our equipment is also adapted for biostimulants applied on the seeds.
Seed driller
Opposite, equipment suitable for full application of solid fertilizers Application of solid fertilizers

Field measurements and assessments, post harvest measurements
GreenseekerIn order to increase our performance and the success of our trials, the Staphyt R&D team, in collaboration with our fertilizer & biostimulant project managers, can develop your protocols. Protocols are adapted and optimized over a wide range of species and complete crop cycles.

Various experimentation tools are used to optimize fertilizer doses, or to follow the evolution of certain criteria such as biomass or chlorophyll content (Greenseeker, SPAD502, N-Tester, digital plot mapping and leaf density measurement, …)

Some examples of post harvest analysis available:

  • INFRATEC mesure (Proteins, starch, oil, …)
  • Corn silage analyzes (dry matter, NIRS nutritional values)
  • Implementation of different food processing (winemaking, brewery, bakery …)
  • Sensorial analysis and taint tests

Field analysis

A regulatory team to help you in your strategic marketing decisions

The Staphyt Regulatory team advises you and assists you in all the regulatory procedures for placing your plant nutrition products on the market: Fertilizers, soil conditioners, plant growth regulators and stimulator. We will inform you about the regulations that apply to you.

In addition, the presence of Staphyt at numerous working groups or conferences related to fertilizers and biostimulants (3rd Biostimulants World congress, 2nd European Mineral Fertilizer Summit…) guarantees you to be informed of the latest technical and regulatory developments.

We are at your disposal to advance together on the development of your plant nutrition products, whether conventional or organic. Do not hesitate to contact us.

COMIFER Podcast – Member of the French Committee for the Study and Development of sustainable Fertilization, Staphyt took part in 13th Soil and plant analysis and fertilization management conference in November 2017.