GLP Accreditation renewed in Poland

Staphyt, based in Poland since 2009, has been successfully audited for its GLP renewal certificate in June this year by the Bureau For Chemical Substances in Poland. Its GLP agreement has been renewed for 5 stations: Dąbrowa – Maków – Stołężyn – Łajsy – Parczew.

The Staphyt Polish GLP facilities are part of the Staphyt global network. Across 30 facilities in Europe, our Study Directors and Principal Investigators ensure the realization of multi-site studies in all regulatory areas in the north and south on any crop type.

All our stations in Poland have also seen their GEP renewal agreement successfully accredited.

Staphyt locations in Poland:

Staphyt Stations in Poland

Staphyt Stations in Poland


ul. Ziebicka 2, 60-164 Poznań – Poland