Summer keeps going at Staphyt! Off season trials capabilities in Southern Hemisphere

With the beginning of summer in Australia it may be an opportunity to catch up on missed trials from last season or get a head start on the coming season in the northern hemisphere. Currently in Australia there is an opportunity to conduct work on vegetables and potatoes, berry crops, summer pulses such as soybeans and even late season trials in grapes or cotton.

A range of insect pests such as thrips, white fly, aphids, plant bugs and Lepidoptera larvae affect crops over summer while foliar diseases such as powdery mildew, downy mildew, botrytis, sclerotinia and Alternaria are also common across a range of crops in Australia. In addition trials can be conducted looking at weed control and crop safety, plant growth regulators, nutrition or protected cropping trials.

Crop residue trials can be conducted in Australia to GLP and the recent decision by European authorities to accept some overseas data may allow you to fast track your residue data generation. (See European Guidance document).

For biological evaluation (efficacy / selectivity) you can also consider EPPO Guideline PP1/269(1) about comparable climates on a global level. This Guideline states that New Zealand, Tasmania and South-Western Australia can be considered as comparable with the Maritime EPPO zone while South and South West Australia is comparable with the Mediterranean EPPO zone.

Later, in March will start drillings of OSR and after cereals, great opportunity to validate some protocols or evaluate new products before autumn season in Europe!

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