Reserve your autumn season trials on cereals

STAPHYT can offer you a large range of field services to evaluate, develop and better sell your conventional and biological products on cereals crops.
Reserve your plots early, to allow you to start your campaign on the best sites.

Here are some examples of studies STAPHYT can perform and some practical recommendations to strengthen trials success:

Weed control is increasingly pre emergence. For pre and post emergence trials, we advise you to reserve your plots as soon as the sowing period starts.
We can sow weeds for specific screening and marketing trials.

Herbicide trial
Herbicide trial

● For trials against aphids on the aerial plant surface, we advise carrying out trials with an early sowing date using non treated seeds.
● For seed treatment against wheat wire worm and wheat bulb fly or any others pests: to improve trial performance, we select plots after monitoring and egg counting. This allows us to better evaluate pest pressure.

Counting wheat bulb fly
Counting wheat bulb fly

● For seed treatment trials against seed born diseases: it is possible to plant trials with contaminated seeds. Be careful, this should be planned several weeks before sowing.
● Preventive application are made in the autumn with Elicitors (SDP) against the first contamination of Septoria on wheat. A key to the success on these products.

Harvest on Septoria platform
Harvest on Septoria platform

Fertilizers and Biostimulants:
We can conduct soil analysis to select land with low level in macro element and/or particular pH requirements. For nitrogen fertilization trial, carry-over can be measured at the end of the winter period to select low level nitrogen plot. In this way, we can calculate optimal intake dose and perform both simple trials as well as factorial trials with several fertilization levels.
For our trial management, we use a decision making tool to compare the nutritional state of the plants on the different plots and their behavior with regard to treatments (ex: GreenSeeker, Spad 502, N-tester).

Fertilizations trials
Fertilizations trials

Our technical team can manage pan European programs or national trials depending of your needs.

For more information do not hesitate to contact your STAPHYT representative or through the Contact page.

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