Staphyt broadens up in Asia-Pacific

Thanks to the close partnership and excellent relationship we have built up with PERACTO, we will be merging on the first of July 2016: Staphyt acquires all PERACTO Pty Ltd. assets. This merger creates a global group highly specialized in agrosciences whose combined resources offer clients an unparalleled array of agricultural research & consultation services.

With this acquisition Staphyt’s footprint is extending into Asia Pacific and can offer a full range of services, managed in-house across Australia, New Zealand and beyond. This development goes absolutely along with STAPHYT’s growth and allows the company to propose off season offers enabling an acceleration of customer’s development.

PERACTO will keep its identity unchanged and the management of its contracts as well as all of its activity in Asia Pacific.
Clients in Australia, NZ and beyond will benefit from this merger in term of service offered from both companies.

Actualité acquisition peracto

New station in Merdingen, Germany (GEP/GLP accredited)
Merdingen is located in the southern Rhine-valley near the French and Swiss border. It is close to Basel, Freiburg and Straßbourg.
The geographical closeness with Alsace allows us to manage trials in nearby regions. Residue (GLP) and Efficacy (GEP) trials could be carried out on following crops : Cereals, OSR, corn, soybean, potatoes, sunflower, vine, orchards (apple, pear, apricot, plum and peaches), vegetables (asparagus, straw berries, cabbage), berries, tobacco, grassland, gulf turf, rolled turf, ornamentals, trees and shrubs, pumpkin, cucumber.

Acquisition Germany