New possibilities in Terrestrial Field Dissipation (TFD)

Commission Regulation (EU) No. 283/2013 setting out the data requirements for active substances, in accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 1107/2009, requires that should be presented in section 7 « Fate and behavior in the environment » Soil dissipation studies. These studies allow estimating the right time to dissipate 50% and 90% of active substance as well as to degrade 50% and 90% of the same ingredient under natural conditions (in field)

These tests cover a range of representative soils (generally at least 4) and must be carried until up to 90% of active ingredients has been dissipated or degraded.
If dissipation time of 90% exceeds one year and on the other hand theoretical calculation does not rule the risk out, soil accumulation studies will be considered.

To meet these requirements, STAPHYT has conducted this type of experimentation for many years (soil dissipation/ soil accumulation studies) in the field (TFD). This logically means that the company is, from now on, fully capable of performing it all over Europe in accordance with GLP recommendations:
– North of Europe (North of France, Germany, UK, Austria, Hungary and Czech Republic)
– South of Europe (South of France, Spain)

STAPHYT has progressively equipped with augers that are capable of achieving soil samples up to 1 meter of depth. We can also perform sampling with pipe of 1 meter or several pipes of 25-30 cm. If needed, it is also possible to fragment 1 meter pipe into smaller sections which means that we are flexible enough to cope with different problems.
Our study directors and main managers will always remain at your disposal, together with you; think through about the right study plan to fill up your needs.

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