Ambrosi Scientific Consulting (A.S.C.) joins STAPHYT Group

STAPHYT, the leading CRO in Agro-sciences and A.S.C, the consulting agency in chemical regulation, announce their strategic merger from September 2015.

A.S.C., experts in the field of plant protection regulation, fertilizers and growing media, biocides and chemicals, combined with the strength of the STAPHYT Group will establish a major European player in regulatory consultancy.

The synergism between both groups enables us to provide an enhanced regulation service at the European level. The new A.S.C.-STAPHYT Regulatory hub will consist of a team of 35 experts which will ensure a tailored consultancy and the possibility of coordinating marketing or regulatory compliance projects.

Dominique Ambrosi (A.S.C. founder and Managing Director) and Benoit Delcour (STAPHYT Registration Department Manager) will manage this merger during the initial integration period. A transfer of skills will be handled by Dominique Ambrosi during the first year.
The usual key-contacts in each structure remain in place.

Olivier MARCHIORO, STAPHYT Group General Manager, says:
« A.S.C’s integration is a major step in our group’s development. It reinforces our ambition to strengthen our services in the field of regulatory consultancy. A.S.C‘s structure remains independent. It will be a strong support for all our services and for the even more important regulatory constraints and the increasing requirements for registration dossiers facing our customers. This integration also extends STAPHYT skill area towards biocides thanks to an expert team recognized all across Europe.»

Dominique AMBROSI, A.S.C. (Ambrosi Scientific Consulting) General Manager, says:
« Forging close links between A.S.C. and STAPHYT allows the creation of a key player in the field of chemical regulatory consultancy in Europe.
As far as STAPHYT is concerned, it is a key-opportunity to reinforce the plant protection team and to enlarge the range of services proposed to its customers, while increasing notably the independence of its services.
As far as A.S.C. is concerned it is an opportunity to lean on STAPHYT Group’s strength to reinforce the ”plant protection” team, to strengthen its Biocide area and to support the developing areas (REACh, cosmetics, food, medicine environmental fate…) in France as well as in Europe».