PHYTEX joins Staphyt group

PHYTEX joins Staphyt group: Increased services on vegetable, ornamentals and orchards in the Mediterranean region

STAPHYT is developing its services on specialized crops and orchards in order to provide in-depth offer in particular the biological trials of crop protection, fertilizing in vegetables and top fruit areas.
PHYTEX, well-known for its expertise and its professionalism in these activities joins STAPHYT group. It becomes a specialized department for managing GEP trials on vegetables, ornamentals, top fruit and Non-Agricultural Zones.
PHYTEX company is based in South of France (Perpignan) near by Spain border. The team remains in place: Mr Christian Martin will be the main contact for customers and a transfer of PHYTEX knowledge towards STAPHYT teams will be done.
PHYTEX station and the STAPHYT stations in South of France, Italy and Spain so will allow to increase the possibilities of trial implementation on a wide range of Mediterranean crops.