2014 season preparation: please think about your program! Please ANTICIPATE!!

STAPHYT manages trial programs which are increasingly important across Europe. Nevertheless “quantity” must rhyme with “quality”: it´s our main concern.
In addition to the trials that are set up with producers/farmers we set up platforms on our own stations to anticipate your requirements for all crop species : vine, potatoes (downy mildew), apple trees (orchards / apple scab), wheat (Septoria, ear scab under misting), oil seed rape (Sclerotinia), vegetables etc.
For seed and variety trials the key-watchword is ANTICIPATION
to reduce human and equipment movements. In addition, protocols related to plant protection compound testing most often have to meet with European registration requirements (EEC 1107/2009); so all the requested reference products have to be included in the protocols : this represents additional work upstream for the project managers before starting a trial.

To get the best trial site, it is essential to take both the crop stages and the sowing dates into account; these parameters are always sensitive at the beginning of the season and especially in the Southern Europe regions and countries.

There´s every chance for a well-prepared and anticipated program to be successful! It is often difficult to manage late demands when we are beyond our human and material capacities on a specific geographic territory. So we ask our customers to anticipate their trial programs as much as they can to increase the probability that STAPHYT can set up their trials in the requested region in the best conditions. In case of non-availability on a specific site, another one that meets as much as possible the customer´s requirements can be suggested.
Each trial is managed the same way whatever the European country, with all our locations with the same objective: to come up to each customer´s expectations by the complete success of the trials contracted with STAPHYT.