Processing: wine-making is our historical expertise

2012 Processing season went off smoothly in particular for the wine-making studies according to 143 « CEB » method which were managed by our new oenologist technician Alexandra Ponce, under the supervision of Catherine Bloy.

All the requirements for good wine-making were gathered: quality of the grapes, processing laboratory equipment with air-conditioned facilities (18°C for white wine-making, 24°C for the red ones and cold room (1-2°C) for clarification phase) and Alexandra skills (she is well-trained to both mini wine-making and large volume wine-making as she spent much time by INRA, ICV and by cooperative cellars – training periods and contracts -) and Alexandra was supervised by Catherine Bloy who has been managing such studies for more than 20 years.

This period is also the key-one for weekly (or even twice- or three-weekly) tasting sessions which begin in November by the second tastings of the 2011 wines and which will end in march 2013 by the first tastings of the 2012 wines. In order to prepare our wine tasters and to make them progressing, a training session was set up early October, run by Jean-Philippe Granier, Technical Manager of the “Coteaux du Languedoc”. During that training course, more than 20 wine samples were tasted and he emphasized the tasting vocabulary, on how to give expression to the olfactory and gustatory examinations, on wine flaws and their characterization. It was a good opportunity for all our tasters to prepare themselves to the next tasting sessions, to improve wine and flaws descriptions. Thanks to the qualification of all our tasters, we’ll be able to bring some plus in our study reports adding to the comparison tests included in the 143 method, a much more detailed description of the tested wines especially when they are considered as different from the reference wines.