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Staphyt is a family owned company; it is a leading CRO in the fields of Agrosciences, Regulatory Affairs and Risk assessment (environment, consumer and user).

We offer a wide and global range of services for the development and marketing of chemicals or biologicals active substances and products.

Our commitment is to have a deep and active collaboration with our clients to support them with their innovations and to participate in both their growth and success.

« Tomorrow happens together »

3 areas of activity:

AGROSCIENCES with 3 areas of expertise



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Staphyt is a family owned company, founded over 30 years ago; it is always committed to ensure that the identity values which have underpinned its development are maintained and strengthened. These values define the company culture:

A spirit of enterprise and initiative, to always adapt to client needs.

Picto innovation

Solidarity and collective responsibility within all our teams; the well-being of our employees has become a major focus for Staphyt Human Resources in recent years.

Picto Team Spirit

The pursuit of Excellence at all levels, internally as well as for the complete satisfaction of our clients.

The importance of innovation in order to stay one step ahead and to anticipate our client needs as far as possible.

areas of activity

Agrosciences, Regulatory Affairs and Risk Assessment

2021 turnover
million euros
Network of

experimental stations



600 people work at Staphyt.


« One » is our strategy towards 2022 and serves as the framework for our action plans and our projects: One Team, One Goal and One Dream with 2 strategic focus:

Icon preferred-provider To be the preferred provider

We need a strong and expanding team of experts: agile, well-trained and committed to be more than ever alongside our clients in order to provide the best services they need.

Icon preferred-employer To be the preferred employer

We do believe in the freedom-form company concept where people are at the heart of the company and are enabled to empower themselves, allowing freedom and responsibility of initiative. The aim is to provide each employee, each colleague a secure and motivating future, to give all of them meaning and vision and to create in all our facilities a positive and happy environment.

ONE Staphyt strategy
  • 1989
    Creation of Staphyt
  • 1990
    Start of the Residue activity
  • 1993
    GLP agreement France
  • 1996
    GEP agreement France
  • 2001
    Takeover of ARBIOTECH (France)
  • 2003
    Takeover of STAGE and B&S RESIDUE (France)
  • 2004
    Takeover of VITI R&D (France)
  • 2006
    Creation of the Registration Department
  • 2007
    Takeover of BIORIZON (France)
  • 2009
    Takeovers of AGROSTAT (Germany and Poland) and OXFORD PLANT SCIENCES (UK)
  • 2010
    Staphyt in Belgium and Czech Republic
  • 2010
    Staphyt’s commitment to a CSR approach
  • 2011
    Setting up of the BIOTEAM
  • 2013
    Takeover of AGROSOLER (Spain) and Staphyt in Romania and Ukraine
  • 2015
    Takeover of 3 CRO in agronomic experimentation
  • 2015
    Takeover of Ambrosi Scientific Consulting (ASC)
  • 2016
    Takeover of ATC (Austria and Czech Republic)
  • 2016
    Staphyt expands in Oceania
  • 2017
    Creation of Staphyt Bulgaria and Russia
  • 2018
    Creation of Maroc
  • 2018
    Takeover of TB Agrartechnik and APC
  • 2019
    Staphyt' 30th Anniversary
  • 2019
    APC renamed Staphyt Regulatory Affairs
  • 2019
    PERACTO Pty Ltd becomes Staphyt (Pty) Ltd
  • 2020
    Staphyt acquires Heliantis station in Burgundy (France)
  • 2020
    Opening a subsidiary in Brazil
  • 2020
    Relaunch of the CSR commitment for the whole Group
  • 2021
    Launch of the REGULATORY Business in Australia


1989 - Creation of Staphyt
Creation of the Field Research Station in Inchy-en-Artois in North of France and setting up of the first biological trials


Our customers continuously evolve, and we, as a company, evolve with them as well. This results in the continuous improvement and reasoning of our business, in the field of methodological and regulatory approach, data analysis, quality level or human and technical investment.

Staphyt is an innovative forward thinking company its pro active attitude ensures that it is always one step ahead. We don’t wait for tomorrow, we get ready for it.

Digital revolution continues

1996-2022: 26 years during which time we have moved from the internet era to the digital revolution!

2 big steps towards a new way of getting, dispatching and managing information.

Staphyt has always been keen to utilize technology and IT tools in order to adapt to clients requirements and, where possible, to even anticipate them – as our network and flexible organization requires an ultra-secure and efficient information system.

It is in this spirit, and in accordance with our strategic objectives focusing on both international development and innovation that we have carried out the main steps of our digital revolution with success; at Staphyt it’s a human, technical and organizational revolution : new innovative and connected tools, an even more rapid and efficient information management system, a coherent linkage of all our teams in all the countries and continents.

This new data management opening up many possibilities, step by step, we will now be able to exploit them to offer both our customers and internally another vision of our daily work.


We not only adapt, we anticipate new technical and regulatory challenges that constantly change the agriculture industry and the activity of our customers around the world.