A set of methods to evaluate elicitors from the laboratory to the field

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Thursday 26th January, 2023 14:00 GMT / 15:00 CET (40 minutes).

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Elicitors are products known to activate plant defense pathways thereby limiting pathogen
infection. Staphyt has developed various methods to evaluate the efficacy of elicitors, from the screening of molecules to their registration. During this webinar, several techniques to test the efficacy of these molecules and confirm the activation of plant defense after elicitor treatment will be presented. Our team uses a large panel of tools from molecular methods, to controlled conditions potted plants and field trials.

Speaker: Dr Camille VERLY
R&D manager (Staphyt Phytopathology and Plant nutrition laboratory – Martillac, France)
Expert in Plant defense elicitors, Camille Verly has been working at Staphyt for more than 7 years. He started with a PHD on the impact of nitrogen fertilization and plant stage on the effectiveness of plant defense elicitors. He is now developing innovative projects by using molecular biology tools to evaluate the efficacy of SDP products.