Thanks to our geographical coverage in Europe, we give you access to a large range of crops in EPPO North, Central and South Europe for testing your conventional and biological products.

Some examples of studies we work on in autumn season :

  • Efficacy testing for all types of products (GEP)
  • Ability to use inoculum and irrigation to optimize pressure
  • Biopesticides and biostimulants studies
  • Abiotic stress test (water stress, saline stress…)
  • Fertilisation studies by controlled drip, foliar application, Sowing,….
  • Seed treatment trials
  • Herbicides (screening with specific weed sowing…)
  • Fungicides (Decision Support Tools (DST) use, preventive application in summer against Sclerotinia, ….)
  • Insecticides (cabbage stem flea beetle, Phyllotreta…)
  • Mollucids (field and laboratory box studies)





Spain | New satellites trials sites now available across Spain completing our 3 stations based in Filiel, Sevilla and Valencia: Galicia, Extremadura, Lleida & Zaragoza, Malaga & Granada.

Italy | Opening of a 4th Phytosanitary trial station in Sicily giving access to mediterranean crops (Vineyard, Citrus fruits, Arboriculture, Market-garden).

Greece | 2 new ginning machines acquired to manage GLP cotton trials (separation of seed and fiber), one for Greece and one in Spain.

Germany | Recruitment of Jörg Euler, PPP & PNP Business Development Manager.
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Bulgaria | New station in Pyrwenec in the South, newly GEP accredited that comes in addition to Plovdiv(South) and Dobritch in the North east, both as well GEP accredited.

Poland | GEP audits has been done with success and a new GEP certificate extending our research permission for bio-stimulants and bio-preparations has been obtained.

Ukraine | Despite the situation in Ukraine, our team managed all requested spring trials and is securing the work for autumn in Kaharlyk or Pervomaisk stations.

Morocco | Great season of GEP trials in our 3 locations, Meknés, Agadir & Marrakech, and a good start of GLP trials.

France | New building and new capacity for the phytopathology and plant nutrition Laboratory in Martillac, Renovation of the Dame Marie les Bois Station (37095).
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