Acquisition of Promip Serviços: Staphyt initiates its Agriculture Research Services in Brazil.

Staphyt has just finalised its first step to enter the Agronomical Research Services in Latin America, with the acquisition of PROMIP SERVIÇOS.

PROMIP SERVIÇOS was the CRO division of Promip Group, founded 13 years ago by Marcelo Poletti and Roberto Konno, as a start up and have since, developed into PROMIP MANEJO, the division specialised in the development, production and commercialization of biological products, that continues in the former group, and PROMIP SERVIÇOS, the R&D services division, now incorporated by Staphyt.
Promip’s experimentation site is based in Conchal, north of Sao Paulo (Brazil). The major crops worked on this site are soybean, sugarcane, citrus, corn …

Both we at Staphyt and the team at PROMIP SERVIÇOS will continue to work and fulfil all the commitments made to our customers, maintaining excellence in the quality of services. In due course, the merger of the two companies will take place gradually and continuously, without jeopardising the projects and commitments assumed with our partners and customers.

Staphyt recently incorporated Leisor and Plurie companies, becoming the biggest regulatory team in Brazil and America Latina. The acquisition of PROMIP SERVIÇOS is part of our project to offer our customers an enlarged and diverse array of services in R&D and regulatory, with the same excellence as Staphyt’s services are recognized in Europe, and all over the world.

PROMIP SERVIÇOS is accredited by MAPA, CTNBio and Inmetro which allows them to offer a large array of services. These certifications and services will not only be maintained, but expanded, with the quality and expertise of Staphyt‘s services and technologies.

  • Efficacy and crop safety registration trials
    (lab, greenhouse and field), GLP certified
  • Seed treatment studies
  • Nematode studies
  • GMO studies
  • Resistance monitoring programs (supporting IRAC Brazil)
  • Research and screening of new products
  • Sowing and harvest trials
  • Demonstrations / sales support trial
  • Studies on mode of action
  • Effect of pesticides on non-target organisms
  • Studies on resistance management and control techniques

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