Staphyt acquires Leisor, the leading regulatory affairs services company in Brazil

Staphyt, Contract Research Organization in Agribusiness, has just finalized its second acquisition in Brazil with the purchase of Leisor Legalização de Empresas Ltda., the biggest regulatory services company in Brazil. According to Luiz Antonio Jose, Business Director of Staphyt for Brazil “Leisor is the largest acquisition ever for Staphyt in the whole world and that will put us in a leading position in Latin America”. 

Leisor was founded by Elaine Silva 20 years ago after spending many years working in the regulatory area for different companies. Since the beginning, Leisor has focused on bringing to the market a team of experts committed to their clients’ expectations but always customizing each strategy according to different scenarios. During the whole process, Leisor values openness, transparency and agility which provides their clients with complete trust in their services. Furthermore, Leisor is the only regulatory services company in Brazil with ISO 9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001 accreditations, which reinforces the commitment of the company to high quality standards in their services and EHS (environment, health and safety) responsibility.

Leisor has a very strong team of 26 employees working for clients not only in Brazil but also in other countries. Leisor portfolio includes a large array of services as:

  • registration of pesticides, biopesticides, fertilizers among other products,
  • technical assistance in regulatory strategic planning, 
  • In-house/on site training,
  • third-party registration holder, patent protection assessment, audit, 
  • record Evaluation (dossier / process), contract support and negotiation with third parties with a focus on registration and stewardship with the focus on product safety awareness program, involving registration, sales, suppliers and end users.  

“Together with the company Plurie Soluções Regulatórias we acquired a few months ago, we share the same vision, values and mission as Leisor in Brazil. This is why we are absolutely confident that the integration of Leisor will take Staphyt’s regulatory services in Latam to the next level”, said Luiz. 

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