New services in Ecotoxicology, Environmental Chemistry and Physical and Chemical Analysis

Staphyt is expanding its service offer and now performs all the laboratory testing phases required in many regulations for environmental risk assessment. 

The new laboratory, with state-of-the-art equipment, is based in France (Valence region) and is GLP certified (domains 1-4-5-8) by COFRAC and ANSM.

Our team helps you meet your environmental challenges by defining and carrying out personalized projects that meet your needs for:

  • the determination of various physico-chemical parameters and the characterization of substances and products;
  • the experimental assessment of the ecotoxicological effect of substances and products on aquatic and terrestrial organisms/plants;
  • the monitoring of the environmental fate of substances and products (biodegradability – bioaccumulation – transfer between environmental compartments);
  • the evaluation of potential in vivo endocrine disrupting effects (levels 3, 4 and 5) of substances in the regulatory area of Endocrine Disruptors;
  • Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA) on pharmaceutical substances for US and EU regulations; 
  • the evaluation of active substances and products’ stability as defined by the so-called “stability and storage” tests;
  • the development and validation of analytical methods in matrices and on pure substances, mono/multi-constituents and UVCB.

With these new services, Staphyt continues its development, always eager to provide you with a complete and high quality offer.

We are proud to accompany you in the development of your substances and to contribute to the marketing of environmentally friendly products.

For any additional question or requests for information, please contact Mr Bruno Combourieu