Terry Song joins the Staphyt team!

Staphyt is excited to announce that Terry Song has joined the Staphyt Team. As QLD Regional Leader, he will oversee the operations and project delivery for our Queensland sites Toowoomba, Bundaberg and Far North Queensland.

Terry is a well-known face within the Queensland and National Agroscience R&D sector. His commitment to quality client relationships and outcomes is outstanding and has been proven over many years.

Starting his career as a research scientist in animal health in Far North Queensland back in 2015, his career quickly moved to crop science later that year due to the high demand for field trials in cropping and horticulture at the time.  In 2018 Terry relocated to Toowoomba and continued conducting trials across the state. Sound knowledge gained from these years in crop protection brings him to his current position with Staphyt, where he continues to serve the industry.

We asked Terry a few questions about his new role.

What will your new role at Staphyt include?

“As Regional Leader, it is my responsibility to oversee all trial activities across Queensland. I will be providing technical support to our team to achieve a quality outcome. My day includes overseeing trials in both orchard and horticultural crops across south-east Queensland, communicating with the Staphyt field team, capturing and providing up to date in-field feedback to the study Technical Managers, and liaison with agricultural and specific crop industry groups, clients, and growers to organise and manage studies.”

What brings you the greatest satisfaction in your work / What do you love about working in agricultural science?

“Every day you are learning new things in agricultural science, I would say, and that’s the best part of our job along with the balance of outdoor and indoor activity.”

How has the agricultural research business changed during your time in Agriculture, and what would you like to see? 

“With the advancement of technology, most of our work is now digital for better efficiency, traceability and security. It is great to see AgroSciences link our local providers to global peers in the industry”. It would be fantastic to see more graduates join us and bring us their new precision ag and digital-based agriculture ideas.”

What do you think will be the biggest challenges in your job?

“Making decisions in the field is a challenge, as so many factors will affect the outcome during the study period. Quick responses and problem sorting become critical skills in our day-to-day work.”

What do you like to do to relax outside of work?

“I am a street photographer using 35 mm film, and I play drums in a casual band for weddings and events. “

“Unfortunately, due to my new family member, born 4 months ago, my ‘hobby’ has changed to being a babysitter this year.”

Terry has a young family but travels throughout Queensland in this new role working with other QLD Staphyt staff members Chamila Lunuwilage, Paula Bocca, Pablo Quarin, Diego Cocoma, and Shannon Morgan.