Staphyt joins the PlantAlliance Consortium

Staphyt has just joined the Research and Innovation Consortium PlantAlliance that brings together about 30 public and private members which focus on the contribution of genetics, genomics and plant biology to the design of innovative agro-ecological cropping systems.

The objective of this consortium is to offer plant species and varieties that meet the challenges of agricultural sustainability and are adapted to a diversity of cropping systems and production methods.

The approval of Staphyt candidature by all the professionals present in this community is a recognition of our know-how and expertise in plant breeding and seeds activity.

Participation in the working groups will enable us to keep abreast of technological and agronomic advances as well as regulatory developments in this field. We are very proud to join this consortium.

Pascal Basta and Jeanne Salé will represent Staphyt within Plant Alliance.

 More information about Consortium PlantAlliance: