Dermal absorption – Regulatory and technical aspects

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Thursday 12 October 2021 14:00 GMT / 15:00 CET (40 minutes).

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Human health risk assessment is a way of assessing the potential impact of a hazard on the health of a person. The five general steps in the human health risk assessment process are: type of issue, hazard, dose-response relationship, exposure and type of risk assessments. Dermal absorption can be an important pathway of exposure and is therefore required for the Human Risk Assessment.
Through this presentation, we will help you to understand the regulatory requirements of the dermal absorption studies, how to conduct them from a practical point, and how to interpret the data according to the EFSA Journal 2017; 15(6):4873.

Dr Siân WRIGHT-WILLIAMS: Siân is an expert in toxicology and leads the toxicology team at Staphyt Regulatory. Siân has worked in regulatory consultancy for 12 years as both a toxicologist and project manager, across plant protection, industrial chemicals and biocides sectors. She holds a particular interest in non-dietary risk assessment and evaluation of dermal absorption for plant protection products.
Jeanne MILLAN BERNAL: Jeanne is an expert in toxicology and project manager at Staphyt Regulatory. She has worked for 12 years in a CRO, first in DMPK in the pharmaceutical area and then in Agrochemistry. After some years spent as Study Director in residues studies and analytics, she then became a specialist in dermal absorption studies leading over 300 studies as Study Director and interacting with the ECPA expert group in the context of complementary assays requested by EFSA.