Staphyt joins the public-private “Research – Development – Innovation” consortium on biocontrol

Last June, Staphyt’s application to join the Biocontrôle Consortium was selected and we are proud and happy to be increasingly involved in the development of biocontrols.

This consortium, bringing together nearly 60 public research actors, institutes and private developers of innovative solutions, was created in 2020 as part of the French national strategy for the deployment of biocontrol, co-led by the Ministry of Agriculture and of Food and by the Ministry of Ecological Transition. Its mission is to support and promote biocontrol through research and innovation, by creating new tools for monitoring the performance and efficacy of these products. The development of biocontrol solutions requires a better understanding of their mode of action in various agronomic contexts.

In France, biocontrol solutions represent more than 12% of the plant protection market. The Biocontrôle Consortium is one of the tools enabling IBMA France to achieve its ambition: by 2023 to increase the share of this sector to 15% of the French crop protection market and to 30% in France. horizon 2030.

Our technical and scientific teams will participate in discussions and working groups to develop new research themes and deepen existing knowledge on biocontrol products.

For any questions about this ambitious project, do not hesitate to contact Frédéric GIRAUD, Staphyt representative within the consortium.

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