Phytnet, Staphyt’s leading client portal, now available for Australian clients.

Available to our European clients for over ten years, clients of Staphyt AU now have access to this easy-to-use complimentary service to monitor the progress and download data of current and historical trials from across the Staphyt global network.  Through the web-based portal, clients can review:

  • Site location
  • Proposed and completed tasks
  • Photos
  • Generated data
  • Interim and final reports

Over the last 12 months, local staff have been actively migrating from the Peracto legacy project management systems to Staphyt’s global management tools.  This transition has provided the local team with greater transparency, efficiency and more robust cross-team integration in delivering quality trials.   The advantage of the Phytnet is our central database, with all field activity logged daily, including scheduled assessments, photos, generated data, trial location and beyond.   Much of this activity is directly communicated to the client portal Phytnet on a real-time basis, informing the client through their preferred communication frequency.

To ensure quality outcomes, generated efficacy data is reviewed by the project management team before being made available to the client.  Currently, this service is available for efficacy and GLP trials in AU, with all current and future NZ trials becoming available later this year.

Phytnet is an easy-to-use and industry-leading web portal built in-house; to access, please speak to Tony Butler ( for training and access.