Supporting Australia’s Pasture Profitability

With much of Australia’s temperate livestock production systems based around the need for productive pastures and a growing number of grazing options on the market, it is increasingly becoming a challenge for end-users to rank local cultivar capability and production system suitability.

Pasture Trial Network (PTN LTD) is an independent variety testing program run in partnership between The Australian Seed Federation (ASF), Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) and Dairy Australia in partnership with some of Australia’s leading pasture seed companies.

Established in 2014, PTN coordinates a series of localised cultivar evaluations to ensure producers and agronomists have access to unbiased analysis of pasture cultivar performance.

This is aimed to encourage greater informed cultivar selection decisions through MLA’s free web tool, and DA’s forage-value-index.

With a passion for pasture science and a strong association with the pasture industry, Tony Butler has a history of working with the PTN since its establishment to ensure the value and productivity of current and emerging pasture genetics are put to the test in Tasmania for all livestock producers.  Current trials will continue to build the data already available on the PTN web tool and strengthens Staphyt’s role in cultivar evaluation and breeding trials for clients.

“PTN is keen to see independent research organisations such as Staphyt provide testing at core trial sites to ensure the on-going testing of commercial and pre-commercial cultivars of species relevant to producers in each of the key agro-climatic regions.” says PTN Executive Officer, Dr. Jo White.

Cultivar evaluation is not new to Staphyt globally, and Staphyt Australia continues to build on our local existing capability and expertise to ensure quality and timely data across our network.