Fshow – CAC 2021

June 22 2021
Shanghai - China

Geoffroy Moulin, Bioteam Manager, will present during the conference FShow a presentation on the regulatory framework for fertilisers and biostimulants in Europe.

Summary of the presentation:
2022 will be a major year in Europe as a new Regulation will apply on fertilizers and biostimulants for their marketing. These products are until now regulated at country level for most of them leading to major differences in terms of development costs and timings. Requirements are indeed different depending on the country, the product nature and the claims. This leads to a high complexity on how to identify and get the best of the possibilities offered by the different countries’ regulations to obtain a product registered in all the targeted countries at lowest cost and in the shortest timeline.
In this presentation, we will first of all precise the meaning of the word Biostimulant in the European regulatory context. We will then introduce the different registration possibilities offered in Europe from notification up to registration all through mutual recognition. We will finally introduce the state of progress of the new Fertiliser Product Regulation, Reg Eu No. 2019/1009 and highlight what it may change compared to the current situation.
More information about the event: https://en.fshow.org/