Working with Tasmanian Seed Industry Group to enhance understanding of fungicide chemistry on pasture seed.

The Tasmanian Seed Industry Group (TSIG) is an industry-owned organisation, established to enhance the Tasmanian seed industry through cross-organisational communication, knowledge transfer and industry-specific R&D. The organisations foundations were created from the learning of the 2014 Tasmanian Pasture Seed Production Conference; where to this day the group strives to provide its members with the latest tools to enhance productivity and seed quality.

As part of the groups’ on-going R&D program, this years’ research focus is enhancing an understanding of the latest fungicide chemistry and its potential application for pasture seed growers. The group has identified significant gaps in product registration for this market and aim to identify outstanding fungicide options for rust and the outcomes are to support a Minor Use Permit for its members.

Working with a members’ Italian Ryegrass seed crop, Staphyt guided by the TSIG, has supported the group to evaluate various new fungicides on current pasture seed disease management tools. Annually the group hosts a field day, which late last year was at the trial site. Members of the Tasmanian Staphyt team facilitated the event, communicating to producers and representatives from seed and chemical companies on the trial aims and developments.

The group has welcomed the expertise, professionalism and communication demonstrated by the Staphyt team to ensure quality and meaningful trial for the local industry.

Photos: TSIG Project