What’s new at Staphyt Australia? New liaison roles, tools and virtual site visit opportunities

The global COVID-19 health pandemic has forced us to re-think our organisation in order to adapt to the ‘new world,’ and become more efficient in our study processes.  From September 1, a raft of new initiatives will be implemented in order to ensure we are connecting with our clients in the most meaningful and timely manner.

New Business Development Manager – Australia

To enable us to provide a direct Staphyt contact to our Australian clients, we have introduced a new Business Development Manager position, which has been filled by Tony Butler. Up until now, Tony has been part of our Client Support Team.
Tony is a great communicator and has an extensive background in research and development.

As the Business Development Manager, Tony will be the first client contact at Staphyt in Australia for commercial and technical capability. Tony will work hand-in- hand with Staphyt’s field teams, including our new Technical Managers, to accomplish your trial needs.

Business Development Manager

New Technical Managers

Parallel to Business Development Manager Tony Butler, Staphyt is introducing a team of three specialised Technical Managers. Eugene Chau, Hayden Hands and Sue Hinton, will take care of your trial from day-one.  They will commence the planning, coordinate any required protocols and then oversee your project for the entire season, providing you with regular updates and a primary point of contact for your project.

Our Technical Managers will work with our Research Team to seek out ideal trial sites which feature high pest-pressure.  They will follow trial performance and are available for field visits.

Technical Managers will be the key contact between our field staff and our clients. This new role will guarantee that information is not lost between our client and field or from field team back to the client.  In this way we’re able to get projects adopted, completed and then reported on in a much timelier manner.   

Eugene CHAU
Technical Manager
Hayden HANDS
Technical Manager
Technical Manager


Virtual Trial Visits

The COVID-19 pandemic and associated travel restrictions pose significant challenges for our clients who want to visit their trials throughout the season. To combat this, we are setting up virtual tours for trials upon request, so we can be your “eyes” during this unprecedented period. We can offer a variety of alternatives:

  • Live visits of the plots by video call
  • Video and photos of the trials available on line



Upcoming client tool: Client Data sharing ExtranetComing soon!

What is it, how does it benefit clients? 

Follow your trials this upcoming season with our new, secure online portal. Through this upcoming client tool you can access your data 24/7. The portal also links you directly with the Technical Manager in charge of your studies. As well as providing access to your current studies, the upcoming client tool portal also allows you to access the history of all your previous studies, including trial photos, planning and trial plot locations.