Brexit REACH and Coronavirus

Following the UK’s exit from the EU on 31 January, the ‘implementation period’ began, during which the nature of the EU/UK future relationship will be negotiated.

The UK Government’s intention is that the implementation period should conclude on 31 December 2020, after which EU law would no longer apply in the UK. Although the negotiations have been interrupted by the coronavirus crisis – meetings have been postponed, and the lead negotiators for both the EU and UK self-isolated after displaying symptoms – there has been no indication from the UK government that the deadline for concluding negotiations should be extended.

In fact, on 15 April, in response to questions about potential delays to the negotiations, a spokesman for the UK Government re-affirmed the commitment to concluding the implementation period by 31 December.

As such, chemical manufacturers, formulators, importers, downstream users and Only Representatives who will be impacted by Brexit and/or by the introduction of a new UK REACH Regime cannot assume that the implementation period will be extended. Companies expecting to be impacted should therefore continue to prepare, whilst monitoring progress of the negotiations.

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