Staphyt sponsors the 19th Poppy Seminars in the Czech Republic

Stanislava Koprdova, a Staphyt Regulatory Affairs manager, is executive director of the Czech Blue Poppy Association and will be attending the Poppy Seminars again this year, along with colleagues from Staphyt s.r.o. Měnín.

The seminars, taking place in four locations across the Czech Republic from 10-13 February, will see experienced speakers from the Czech Blue Poppy Association, academia, regulatory bodies and industry covering a variety of topics, including yields in 2019 due to difficult weather conditions.  The main topic of the seminar will be potential risks for poppy growing.

Attendees from across the industry, include agricultural companies and representatives from chemical, pharmaceutical and research companies.

For more information on the poppy seminars:  Please contact Stanislava Koprdova
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