Staphyt joins the International Year for Plant Health

The United Nations proclaimed 2020 as the “International Year of Plant Health”. This is a great opportunity raising public awareness regarding the importance of plant health protection to eradicate hunger in the world, to reduce poverty, to protect environment and to boost economic growth.

Among the actions that are promoted within the framework of IYPH, many of them are directly related to STAPHYT activities, as:

  • Keep plant healthy to protect environment and biodiversity
  • Invest in plant health organizations as well as in phytosanitary research and development
  • Healthy plants are vital to eliminate hunger and reach Sustainable Development Objectives.

Staphyt launched several specific actions internally to promote 2020 as the IYPH as a special photo contest; one of our colleagues co-authored a story written in plain language, understandable by all non initiated public, to explain briefly his activities as plant health concerns everyone!