Our name is changing, but our services remain the same

On 1st January 2020 Peracto will be rebranded as Staphyt.

Staphyt purchased Peracto Pty Ltd (Australia and New Zealand) in 2016 and after a transition period will be rebranded to Staphyt Australasia.

In Australia, sites in Devonport, Melbourne, Adelaide, Toowoomba and Bundaberg will become Staphyt Pty Ltd.Sites in New Zealand, Pukekohe, Hawkes Bay and Ashburton will become Staphyt Ltd. The website will become Staphyt.com.au.

Site addresses and phone numbers will remain the same. Email addresses will become @staphyt.com and any @peracto.com incoming emails will be forwarded to the new @staphyt.com address.

Staphyt is a leading international CRO in the fields of Agrosciences and Regulatory Affairs offering a wide and global range of services for the marketing and the development of new products. We can now offer services in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere.

If you would like more information, please call Bruno Maurer – Business Unit Director, on +61 3 6423 2044, or email bmaurer@staphyt.com.