Phytopathology and plant nutrition laboratory expansion

Skills and facilities development for controlled conditions studies

We are pleased to announce the construction of a new building of 450m² at our Martillac (France) site. This new facility will offer improved working conditions and additional testing areas – and there will also be a new thermo regulated glasshouse. The facilities are due to be fully operational in 2020.

The laboratory has been performing studies under controlled conditions for 30 years, demonstrating its expertise in various specialisms, including:

  • Potted plant tests for studies on pathogen / plant combinations (Septoria leaf spot on wheat and Bremia on lettuce are the latest combinations managed by us).
  • Studies on new aspects of fungicide resistance monitoring using new molecular tools.
  • Developing biostimulant trials as well as abiotic-stress resistance trials (more specifically,
    water-stress trials)

We have strengthened our R&D team expertise, particularly regarding the molecular approach to fungicide resistance detection and elicitors project development. Camille VERLY, who recently
completed a 3 year thesis in collaboration with the French public institute for research in agronomy (INRA), joined us in August.

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