Do you need to evaluate the effectiveness of your seed treatment products?

Seed treatments are of great importance in plant protection and plant nutrition solutions. We carry out testing programmes to assist with the registration of seed treatment products and A.S. We can also apply chemical or biological products to seeds at our accredited laboratories in France and Poland.

Seed treatment application systems
Staphyt has a large stock of equipment for the application of agrochemicals to small batches or seed samples. The application of products is performed in accordance with manufacturer guidelines and according to good stewardship practices at all stages of the product use cycle. Once treated, the batches are prepared and sent to the field trial sites across Europe.

Evaluate seed treatments on a wide range of field trials
A major investment programme enables us to maintain a high-quality innovative fleet of machinery, with over 45 seeder drillers across Europe. We can sow all types of seeds.

Testing treated seeds in controlled conditions
According EPPO methods, we perform seed treatment trials with artificial inoculation (damping-off pathogens, such as Fusarium and Pythium in pots within climate chambers).

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