Peracto Biennial Staff Conference

Held in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia, July 2018

Every two years the Peracto team from across Australian and New Zealand assemble to engage in a number of training, information and team building sessions. In 2018 the venue was Launceston, an hour’s drive from Peracto’s Australian head office.

Staff were joined by some guest presenters, contractors and clients for specific sessions. We were also joined by our special guest from Staphyt, France, Arthur Boisleux.


Sessions included training in GLP (Good Laboratory Practise), a range of technical topics including spray technology, and some great presentations from each region of particular projects of interest to the group. We heard from clients providing us feedback on the latest news from their organisations and what they valued from the work we do for them.

To lighten the event we undertook some training in wine appreciation in a visit to a local vineyard. We also had some light exercise with a lawn bowls competition.

In smaller workshop groups we considered some strategic questions relating to potential improvements for the future which generated some terrific discussion.


Our final conference dinner included presentations of awards to those deserving of acknowledgment for their performance at work along with less formal awards in photo and poster competitions.