Staphyt CEO won a self-made man regional prize

Staphyt is proud to announce that Jacques Boisleux won the regional prize of the “Victoires des autodidactes” (Self-made man) on last March, the 28th, for the North of France region.

Without any degree in business management, Jacques Boisleux trained throughout his entire career reading specialized media, following training courses, joining a manager school and entrepreneurs networks. When he created Staphyt in 1989, Jacques was a farmer, born in a family of farmers and with a technical diploma in farming. His wife, Catherine Boisleux, co-founded Staphyt with him. She had a PhD in agronomy and a first experience as an agronomist. At that time, they were precursors: experimentation in agronomy was an unknown field.

Several elements contributed to Jacques’ success: his visionary spirit, the support of his family, the costumers’ loyalty and the quality of the relation he developed with his team. Now, Staphyt employees share the same entrepreneurial mindset.

The whole company looks forward to the final stage of this competition: the national result on May 24, at the National Assembly in Paris!

We will keep you informed!