Staphyt puts organizational innovation at the forefront of its ambitions

After 30 years in business Staphyt has reached a major turning point in its history, the mid sized company has re-structured to aid its expansion and the company is definitely turned towards the international: after the takeover of an Australian company in 2016, it continues its development on the American continent with nine partnerships signed in 2017.

Catherine Boisleux, director of communication and co-founder of the company, together with her husband Jacques Boisleux, CEO: “Staphyt has really reached a turning point”. Whilst Jacques is about to pass on the reins of the company, she explains : “the lightning developments over the last couple of years led us to the deep reorganization of the company”.

The company is one of the European leaders in plant protection products, fertilizer and seeds trials. The past 10 years has seen their number of employees quadruple, going from about a hundred people to more than 420 today. This is mainly due to its strategy, launched in 2009, of conquest abroad, it is through the acquisition of companies in Germany, Poland and the United Kingdom that has supported this remarkable growth. The strategy is now well established: listening to the signals of its market, and the need of its customers, Staphyt establishes local partnerships, before buying the companies according to the opportunities. The Inchy-en-Artois company is now present in fifteen European countries, in Australia and New Zealand since 2016, in Russia since 2017 and has nine partnerships from north to south of the American continent since summer 2017. In total, Staphyt covers 38 countries, either directly or through its partners. The company posted a turnover of 38 million euros in 2016, and projects a growth of 15 to 20% in 2018.

In this context, it was impossible for Staphyt to maintain a traditional vertical structure, too cumbersome and incompatible with its ambitions. 2017 was the year of the reorganization, to keep its family spirit and continue its development, the company set upon their organizational innovation. It is now based on a more cross-functional system of 9 business units broken down by geographic area and by market. “We have the means and an organization that may be more like the one of a big group to go be able to go forward. We have also done this to delegate more, give the autonomy to everyone and empowering the teams.” sums-up Olivier Marchioro, General Director of Staphyt.
Recognition must be given to the work done by the employees of the company: “the employees need to feel that they are part of a team, if we are there, it is thanks to this team which is now taking over”.

The BUs, thought of as “mini-companies inside the group” will also have big responsibilities because Staphyt expects to keep its strategy of geographical development going: opening up new opportunities in Russia, carrying on the development on the American continent, even in Africa…. Staphyt also wants to strengthen its activity of Regulatory expertise in Europe and Australia. All this while always listening to its customers, “our engines”, insists Catherine Boisleux. Staphyt is now well equipped to follow them around the world.

The company, from Inchy-en-Artois, is now present in about fifteen countries in Europe, in Australia and New Zealand since 2016, in Russia since 2017 and counts nine partnerships from north and South America since summer 2017. In total, Staphyt covers 38 countries,either directly or thanks to its partnerships.The company registered a turnover of 38millions euros in 2016 and project a growth of 15% to 20% in 2018.

1989: creation of the company in Inchy-en-Artois (Pas-de-Calais), by Jacques and Catherine Boisleux
Years 1990-2000: Staphyt develops in France, with the recovery of several companies and the extension of its markets
2009: takeover of companies in Germany, Poland and England
2010: creation of stations in Belgium and Czech Republic
2013: takeover of a company in Spain and establishment in Romania and Ukraine
2015: takeover of several companies in Italy, Hungary, Austria, Romania and France
2016: takeover of companies in Austria and Czech Republic and establishment in Australia
2017: the company sets up in Bulgaria, Greece and Russia and develops nine partnerships on the American continent.

Date: January 31, 2018
Source : Entreprises by Credit Agricole Nord de France