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Find out about Staphyt, the key-dates of our history, our core values and our strategic lines at the dawn of our thirties.

Staphyt celebrates its 30th anniversary!
11 January 2019

From 11th to 13th December 2018, the European teams of the Staphyt group met at…

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Service and expertise provider in the field of agronomical research for crop protection, nutrition and breeding industry.

Staphyt and APC will be exhibiting at the combined IUPAC/ECPA/ISCP event
5 April 2019

Staphyt and APC will be exhibiting at the combined IUPAC/ECPA/ISCP event at the International Convention…

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Regulatory consultancy for agricultural, biocide and chemical industry.

APC, regulatory consultant company, has joined Staphyt group to broaden regulatory services.
13 July 2018

Founded in 2001 by Steve Shires, APC has 23 staff present in Europe, Australia and Brazil…

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Staphyt brands

Staphyt agroscience Logo

Contract agricultural research organisation, sustainable and profitable agriculture through science.

Staphyt regulatory

Regulatory consulting in the Agrochemicals, Biocides, Chemicals sectors.

Industries we serve

Our technical, scientific and regulatory experts accompany
the agrochemical, biocide and chemical industries.

Plant protection Agrosciences

Plant Protection
Agrochemicals and biopesticides

Plant nutrition Agrosciences

Plant Nutrition
Fertilizers, Growing media,Biostimulants

Plant breeding Agrosciences

Plant Breeding
Arable crops, specialised crops


Plant protection Regulatory

Plant Protection
Agrochemicals and biopesticides

Plant Nutrition Regulatory

Plant Nutrition
Fertilizers, Growing media,Biostimulants

Biocides Regulatory

Biocidal product

Cosmetics Regulatory

Cosmetic product

Medecines Regulatory

Human or veterinary


Staphyt supports your project

As an economically and socially responsible company, Staphyt wishes to share its values and its expertise to the young generations. We also wish to get involved in various activities in which people come first.

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